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Free php tag cloud script

It calculates the medium textual matter size of the tags.

FileRoleDescription tagCloud2.JPG

But what can be done to the sites which already have tens of thousands of pages of content in the database and where it is unable to add tags for each of these articles, because it would take forever? This script inserts buzzwords into a given html-container.

This tool offers assorted features similar sleuthing usual meta tag. No need to write an xml wrapper for the common flash tagCloud anymore.hi , just a quich question, can we implement this search function instead of searching within our website, can we use the search term fromn google. ie. what they searched on google and came to our website?

If you free person an old version, you are highly bucked up to upgrade by replacement your old tag cloud script code with the new snipping below. To do this, all you need to do is, your Web site information in a form type and get you configured a HTML and copy for you and add to each displayed... I wealthy person shown how I do it below victimisation CFML. Born RSS feed for the latest recipes.